NEAL BLEWETT. Establishing, defending and improving Medicare.

Neal Blewett AC delivered the Hayden Oration at Ipswich on 15 August 2018.  

Neal Blewett as Minister for Health from 1983 under the Hawke government, and later Minister for Community Services and Health, implemented the Medicare universal health scheme, disability services, campaigns to reduce tobacco and alcohol abuse, and a national strategy to combat AIDS/HIV.  They were all remarkable achievements.

In this oration, Neal Blewett records the development of Medicare and the unremitting hostility of conservative politicians, the AMA and others to Medicare.  From page 11 of the oration, he outlines how Medicare could be strengthened and expanded to include dental care and other improvements.  

See link below for full text of the oration.  John Menadue.  

Hayden Oration copy (4)


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