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JOHN MENADUE. Wentworth wipe-out!

The only surprise in Wentworth was the scale of the Liberal Party collapse. Spin and marketing by the Prime Minister was easily recognised.  The poor product could not be hidden. Within twenty four hours of the debacle both the Prime … Continue reading

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BERNIE FRASER- Neoliberal failure, putting the economy ahead of society

At The Australian Institute’s Revenue Summit in Canberra on 17 October 2018  Bernie Fraser raised an important question as to why with Australia’s 27 years of successive  economic growth  there is so mush social disquiet and sense of unfairness in … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. Have we got to a tipping point in our cruelty to refugees?

Recent developments suggest we might be prepared at last  to act with humanity and decency. Prime Minister Scott Morrison  seems to be interested in taking up with New Zealand its long-standing offer to take 150 refugees from Manus and Nauru.  

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Let us stop the Queen’s death watch (Editorial SMH 18.10.2018)

The visit by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to Australia has been delightful, especially since the happy surprise that they are expecting a baby. Back in Britain, however, there is reportedly growing impatience at Australia’s uncomfortable impasse on whether … Continue reading

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A welcome statement on Australian relations with China by Prime Minister Morrison

At a ‘Chinese community luncheon event’ at Hurstville on 4 October 2018, Prime Minister Morrison spelt out clearly the importance of a ‘mutual beneficial relationship’ between Australia and China.  This speech received wide coverage in the Chinese media in Australia, … Continue reading

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MICHAEL KEATING. The Change from Turnbull to Morrison: What Difference has It Made?

Now that Scott Morrison has passed the fifty-day landmark as Prime Minister, this article considers what has changed since the demise of Malcolm Turnbull and what difference Scott Morrison will make in resolving the major policy challenges that Australia is … Continue reading

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TONY COADY. The Synod, the Celibacy Rule, the Wider Problem of Radical Change in the Catholic Church

The current meeting of the world’s Synod of Catholic Bishops in Rome to discuss “Young People, the Faith and Vocational Discernment” will clearly have an eye to the vast decline in vocations to the priesthood, particularly in the Western world. … Continue reading

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ALISON ELLIOTT. Making the preschool promise a reality

The recently announced promise of preschool education funding for 3 year olds has the potential to improve developmental and education outcomes for young children, but with chronic teacher shortages in early learning centres, delivering new preschool programs will be a … Continue reading

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ADAM MORTON. In a canter? Climate experts say Australia will not meet emissions targets. (Guardian 11.10.2108)

Guardian Australia spoke to 12 economists and scientists – almost all reject government’s claim to be on track. Leading climate researchers have overwhelmingly rejected the federal government’s claim it is on track to cut greenhouse gas emissions as promised under … Continue reading

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JOHN MENADUE. Ignore the planet and our grand children at our peril.

The government has thrown in its lot with climate sceptics, the loony right which includes the Murdoch media and the coal miners. We have a government with no policy on climate change at all. The responses by the Prime Minister, … Continue reading

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MARK BUTLER. There is only one energy future: firmed renewables. (AFR 10.10.2018)

Australia is in the deep throes of the most severe energy crisis in living memory. Power and gas prices have skyrocketed in recent years and are continuing to go up in spite of claims from the Liberal government that they … Continue reading

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SCOTT MORRISON. Speech at Chinese-Australian Community Event

This speech by Scott Morrison on 4 October 2018 does not seem to have been run anywhere in the mainstream media.  It is the most constructive statement from the government in a long time. Interestingly, the speech was posted on … Continue reading

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SUSAN CHENERY. The Scribe: portrait of Freudenberg, author of the speech that changed Australia (The Guardian 9.10.2018)

Legendary Labor speechwriter Graham Freudenberg was at the centre of power for more than 40 years.  A new film sheds light on the man who wrote the script.  

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ANDREW TILLETT. Deputy PM Michael McCormack shelves inquiry into road pricing

A raft of economists have called for a road-user charge, including former Treasury Secretary, Ken Henry, in his tax review, and former Productivity Chair, Peter Harris.  [We continue to waste billions of dollars on more and more roads, but refuse … Continue reading

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PAUL BONGIORNO. Political climate uncomfortably hot for Scott Morrison (New Daily 9.10.2018)

The Prime Minister Scott Morrison found himself in a very awkward spot on the day the world’s most authoritative climate science body released its latest report.  

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ROSS GITTINS. Why businesses are behaving badly. (SMH 6.10.2018)

While we digest the royal commission’s evidence of shocking misconduct by the banks and insurance companies, there’s another unpalatable truth to swallow: they have no monopoly on bad behaviour.   

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ROSS GARNAUT. Where Australia’s at 10 years after climate change review. (AFR 8.10.2018)

Energy costs will be lower if there is more investment in renewables capacity.  

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JOHN MENADUE. The failings of our corporate sector- and not just the banks and insurance companies.

Our politicians are rightly receiving a hammering for their failures . We really do need to restore public trust in our political system. I have suggested a national summit after the next election on democratic renewal, different in subject but … Continue reading

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GRAHAM FREUDENBERG. 80 years after Munich.

The 80th anniversary of the Munich Agreement passed without significant comment, although it was a pivotal event of the 20h Century. Perhaps it’s time for me to commit the ultimate political incorrectness and confess that I am a Municheer. I … Continue reading

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ROSS GITTINS. Nowhere to hide now for banks. (SMH 3.10.2018)

Last week must have been a terrifying wake-up call for Australia’s ruling class – not just our politicians, but also the chief executives and directors of our big corporations, both publicly and privately owned.   If they’re half as smart as … Continue reading

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JACK WATERFORD. Turnbull’s ABC chickens home to roost (Canberra Times 28.9.2018)

Malcolm Turnbull is a gift that keeps giving to the Labor opposition. Scott Morrison’s ongoing efforts to be all things to all people were again derailed this week by the ABC implosion, which saw the loss of its board chairman and … Continue reading

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JOHN WARHURST. The power of the Catholic lobby. (Canberra Times 27/9/2018)

The continuing education funding controversy invites scrutiny of the power of insider politics. Political insiders are those who use economic clout, political connections, extensive networks and privileged access to decision-makers to consistently influence political outcomes.  

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AARON PATRICK. Did 41 Australian soldiers die in Afghanistan for a failed war? (AFR 27.9.2018)

Australia’s bloodiest war ended 100 years ago in melancholy victory. Australia’s most recent war may end in a delayed defeat, raising an awful question: what did 41 Australian soldiers die for?  

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